Fram Centre side events 2017

Regulation Arctic shipping. Adaptive long-term research in the face of the climate change. Collaborating opportunities in the Fram Centre. Meet us at Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø January 2017.

About Arctic Frontiers

Arctic Frontiers is an international arena on sustainable development in the Arctic. The conference addresses the management of opportunities and challenges to achieve viable economic growth with societal and environmental sustainability.

Arctic Frontiers brings academia, government and business together to create a firmer foundation for decision-making and sustainable economic development in the Arctic. Join the Arctic Frontiers conference preparing the new Arctic future.

The conference takes place January 22nd - 27th 2017 in the Norwegian city of Tromsø, known as the Gateway to the Arctic. As associated partner the Fram Centre hosts the opening seremoni and other meetings during the conference. This year we host following side events:


Regulating Arctic Shipping: Political, legal, technological and environmental Challenges



Monday January 23rd 2017 14:45 – 15:25 at UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø, meeting room "Glassburet" outside aud 1.

The prospect of regular international shipping through Arctic waters is probably the most topical issue at the moment. The retreat of the sea ice  provides for shorter routes between Europe and Asia and for transport of resources etc to/from the region. Get an update of the big picture by professor Tore Henriksen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


Collaborating opportunities in the Fram Centre



Tuesday January 24th 2017 16.00 – 16.30  at The Edge hotel, meeting room "Prostneset 1 - 2".

The Fram Centre is the short name for FRAM - High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment. We consists of scientists from 20 institutions involved in interdisciplinary research and outreach in the fields of natural science, technology and social sciences. How to collaborate and get the opportunities of getting funding from us.

Presented by Director Frode Kjersem and Research coordinator Jo Jorem Aarseth, The Fram Centre.


Adaptive long-term research in the face of the climate change



Thursday January 26th 2017 12:15 – 12:45 at UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø,  meeting room "Glassburet" outside aud 1.

The Arctic Tundra is predicted to be more challenged by climate change than any other terrestrial biome. The rapid shift to new climate regimes is likely to give rise to new ecosystems with unknown properties, making science unable to accurately predict the consequences. These realizations have led to international calls for action. COAT (Climate ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra) is the response of the Fram Centre to these calls.  Get insight from Researcher Dorothee Ehrich, The Arctic University of Norway/The Fram Centre.